INSIDE OUT 2015 | Facebook EMEA Headquarters Dublin, Ireland

Inside Out came out of an artist residency at Facebook EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. I had been on but never been inside FB and after the initial weeks of looking, watching, listening, talking, eating and walking around, I discovered a new community I thought of as Planet FB as I had never seen a work culture like it. I focused on how Facebook folk, as people representing 52 nationalities at the time in 2015, work, behave, move, interact and go about their business in an unexpected way, as individuals, within teams, in conference calls. I photographed around one thousand employees, each moving about in their own idiosyncratic way, or as part of their team. Translated into silhouette form, cut from mineral paper and grouped into a dynamic pattern, the work reflects an anthropological view on how systems, networks, and communities come about through human interaction.