'To the Edge of Your World' asks what it means to be human today. The works in the installation painstakingly transform discarded materials such as twigs, twine, and cardboard into delicate sculptural metaphors for the interconnectedness of individual experience and world events. Broken and discarded bits of trees, twigs have been cut from their support system. Twine, in Groener’s work, embodies an innate desire to repair and bridge distances, physically, emotionally, and metaphorically. Repetition serves to relentlessly revisit something already done or said. Suffused by an audio environment of song combined with fragments of sounds from nature and everyday street life, the exhibition evokes patterns of displacement and the fragility of existence, as well as probing both the psychological effects of human tragedy and the resilience that may result. “It is a questioning of perception and a longing to get closer to an understanding of human conscience.” 
Photographed by Ros Kavanagh in Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris France, April 2023