Meditating on what it means for migrants and refugees to leave behind their homes, I developed these small delicate sculptures during the pandemic. They came out of architectonic constructions that I built at the beginning of the lockdowns but subsequently took apart. The order and history of those past structures continue to persist in the remnants of joints, that reveal the layers of time through which the new forms found their place.
I work with twigs for their delicate nature, their lifespan, and life force; twigs are the offshoots of trees that speak of a transitory time. Working with twigs is like drawing lines in space, making a sculptured drawing. Twigs are a nugatory matter to most people. They are the undergrowth of cultivation. Sometimes I think of these objects as biographical transitions, moving through different states of being that reflect on the fluidity of time, on places and the people we carry within us. Surviving in the material traces of the work, the remains of something lost and something found forge a new path.